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Updates on Our Church's Current Plans

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Dear Community and friends of First Presbyterian Church,

I just wanted to give an update on plans for this week. Because the goal right now is to distance ourselves from one another so we do not unknowingly pass on the virus and inadvertently put more stress on the health care system we are going with the following plan this week. (1) At the worship service this morning we announced that we will cancel services for the next two weeks. We will assess the situation and cancel future weeks if we need to but we will take it 2 weeks at a time. (2) We will cancel small group discussions of Vital Congregations until we start meeting again regularly. (3) I will do some form of short word of encouragement - either live on Sunday mornings at 10 or pre-recorded and downloaded on our website/facebook page each week. (4) I also hope to provide some daily devotional and prayer as often as I can via email. (5) Just because we are not meeting together doesn't mean we can't continue to pray for our community, call one another, and connect via other means. If the distancing plan continues for an extended period of time we can find ways to have small groups via zoom or other video chat programs. (6) Elders and deacons will reach out to the congregation to make sure everyone has what they need and we will reach out with those needs as they arise. (7) We will be sending updates as they come but the office will be mostly closed during this two week period. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at 360-581-9501. Here is a link to the quote from C.S. Lewis that some of you asked for this morning. Here is the link to the two hymns we sang at the end. He will Hold me Fast - All must be Well - Grace and peace,


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