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  • Dave Emery

Going Deeper

Are you in touch with your soul? Do you know who you are in the depths of your being?

Lent is here again. We are invited once more to consider our lives of faith. We

are invited once more to consider who we are. We are invited once more to go to the uncomfortable messy places in our lives.

We are invited to the Lenten Discipline.

What is the Lenten Discipline?

The Lenten Discipline encourages us and seeks that we be willing to live with pain and discomfort. It is the time where we allow, or even desire to see our sins, hurts, and sorrows and not to run from the hard things in life.

We do this often through fasting or giving up something important in our lives. I have heard of someone who chose to give up all electronic devices for Lent. I couldn’t do this. I need my phone, I rely on my computer, and I need my Fitbit on my wrist. I could though arrange to give these up one day a week perhaps. Still, even this would seem extremely challenging.

There is another option for observing the Lenten Discipline that has gained more popularity and usefulness in this season. Rather than giving something up

one could add or include something positive and enriching in life. For example, choosing an inspirational book on going deeper in faith. Reading more of God’s word and praying more often perhaps. Or spending time in silent listening to God’s presence in one’s life. These are all ways to go deeper and focus on the spiritual nature of life.

However you choose to observe Lent, I trust it will be a time of growth and enrichment in faith. I trust you will choose this time to grow in faith.

So I pray: may you have a blessed Lenten Season.

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