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  • Dave Emery

A Time For Remembrance

We are to be reminded that we turn our clocks back an hour this Sunday as we go to Standard Time again.

Some of our devices do this for us automatically. Still, others need to be manually changed. My alarm clock is still manually set. If I don't change it, I will be here an hour early. That is better than the Spring when I would be an hour late.

I am certain I will remember to turn my clocks back.

However, there are other things and other folks that we don't always remember.

This Sunday we will be remembering the veterans who have given their lives for us and our country. Veteran's Day is this coming Thursday November 11th. It is a special time for us to remember our men and women in the military.

Likewise, This last Monday, November 1st was All Saints Day. This is a time of remembrance for those in the life of the church who have lived their lives faithfully giving of themselves in service to others and the church. We will print the names of loved ones who have died in 2020 and 2021. We will also give you a time to share the names of your loved ones you would like remembered, if you are attending worship in person.

Remembering is powerful. It is more than a mental exercise. It is more than a function of our brains. When we remember someone we engage those feelings we had and have for that person.

When I think of my Dad. I don't just think of him as he was, I think of him as who he was. I think of him as Father, friend, Boeing worker, Church goer, Building and Grounds church manager, provider, giver and so much more. My heart is warmed as I think of him.

Likewise, I am saddened as he died a few months ago. I miss having him to talk to. I miss visiting him and sharing a meal with him. I miss his wise counsel and his encouraging words. I miss his perseverance that kept him going for so long. I miss his acceptance of the way life was, which spurred me to confidence and peace in my own life.

But most of all I just miss his being there.

This Sunday we will take the opportunity to remember. We will remember our loved ones, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ. We will remember and rejoice that for them pain is over, their work on earth is done, and they are in the loving embrace of Jesus our Savior.

So, I invite you to a time of remembrance. I invite you to remember all those who have lived their lives in faith, and live now eternally with God.

And, may God grant us eternal comfort and peace.

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