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  • Dave Emery

A Joyous Pentecost

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. We will be celebrating the birth of the church once again.

Pentecost was the day that the Spirit of the Lord was poured out on the disciples.

We are told that tongues of fire landed on all of them. They spoke in various languages. People stopped and couldn’t help but notice what was going on. Everyone took notice because what was occurring was remarkable. This was an extraordinary day!

Pentecost was noteworthy. It was so outstanding that everyone was amazed by what was happening.

However, rather than giving the recognition of what was happening to God they tried to trivialize it. Those there tried to explain it all away. Why they are just filled with new wine they proclaimed.

Yet, it wasn’t trivial at all. This day became the start of something big. This experience became the foundation for something incredible.

The church was born that day. The church began that day. The church started its witness and impact on the world that day.

This Sunday we are going to celebrate that Pentecost event.

Likewise, this Sunday we too are going to receive three members into our fellowship of believers. Harry, Margaret, and Thirza are becoming members of our church here gathered.

As we welcome them officially into the life of the church, we acknowledge that this church is here for an incredible purpose. We are to witness and proclaim the good news of the gospel to our community and to the world.

That Pentecost experience demonstrated to the world not only the powerful presence of God, but a call to be more because of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Likewise, we will celebrate these coming to be a part of us by inviting everyone to come to a reception following worship, as we gather outside together.

We want to witness that in the middle of a pandemic, that in the middle of troubling divisions, that in the middle of tension and conflict we as the people of God are to rejoice. We are to live differently. We are to live in the hope and knowledge of the salvation event witnessed on that Pentecost day.

So, I invite you and encourage you to join us on this special Sunday. And I urge you to join us as we welcome these new members of the church.

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